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Intro course waterphotography, 2 1/2 hrs

Introduction into waterphotography

You want to know what it takes to go out in the water with professional watergear. 

I can introduce you to this awesome type of photography. We set an appointment for about 2 1/2 hrs. 

What can you expect during this experience? We meet at a place near the water, wether thats a sea or a lake in the neighbourhood, its all up to you. I bring camera gear, So I get you a camera and a waterhousing. I can give you the option for 2 lenses we can use, I tell you all about it, when we meet. 
You learn about my camera, my watergear and how to prepare to go in the water. After some theoretical talks and instructions, its time to suit up. You have to bring your own wetsuit, We shoot for about an 30 or 45 minutes. You can try different settings, learn about adjusting focuspoints, maintaining and using a waterhousing. handy inside tips, setting the right focalprogram etc
If you bring your laptop, you can upload your own made pictures. They're yours and free to use for whatever you want. 
If you happen to have the same camera as I use in my gear, you're free to use yours. But remember, it has to be a canon 5dMKIII. (waterhousing is cameratype specific) 

What do I expect from you? You're familiar with photography, you know what I mean when I talk about shuttertime, ISO, apperture, DOF, focalpoints etc.  If you're not a canon user, no worries, I talk you through it. You bring your own memorycard, so all pics you shoot are yours, You know how to swim, although an introductioncourse is mostly done in not too deep waters. You bring your own wetsuit. Rain is not a arguement to cancel, since we're going to be wet anyway. All activities is on your own risk. Using my gear is my risk. If you don't bring a laptop, I bring mine so I can show how to basic edit the pics.

Do you want a commercial shoot for your company or another project type shoot, contact me for possibilities. 

All prizes are excluding extra expences. 1st 20km from postalcode 8821 in holland are free. extra km's are €0.20 per km
Normal hours are from 08.00 till 20.00 monday to sunday. Other hours as wel as holidays are 125% (extra invoice will follow) 
Prizes are including 21% VAT, according dutch regulations.