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Zeedijk sunset

Just south of Harlingen, lies the view to perfectness
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I was riding my bike, like we all do in Holland, and was amazed and mezmerized by this beautifull sunset. The sun right behind the clouds, giving it its razorsharp edges around the beautiful clouds. As a lot of times, i brought my camera, so you can witness this scene too. 
Its a panoramic picture, so you don't get exactly what is described in the prizelist

From €140 euro including shipping.

option 1: Photoprint, double luxury matt. available in outer size
70x30cm (picturesize 60x20cm) €140,-
85x35cm (picturesize 75x25cm) €195,-

option 2: Photoprint with double luxury matt and white matching wooden frame, harded glas without coating, so the colors remain lifelike. External size frame 70x30, matt is 5cm around. Netto picturesize is 60x20cm. €225,-

Option 3: Printed on dibond (picture printed on aluminium with a hard plastic core) This gives the print a very luxe dim look.  It comes including 2x 45mm hangers (to be fixed by yourself.) 60x20cm €170

Option 4: Printed behind 5mm acrylics with a dibond backplate. Printed with extra ink (Also in black and white) and extra white layer and an extra backing foil,for aboslute no shine through. 
This product has no pre drilled holes.  It comes including 2x 45mm hangers (to be fixed by yourself.
60x20cm €225
75x25cm €325
90x30cm €475

All prizes are including shipping in eu. 

Other wishes can be asked, just send me a message